Canadian Dragon Trading Co. was born in 2014 at 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC, Canada. We started from exporting premium Canadian food and drinks to Asia, primarily to China. In 2016, we expanded our services to Europe. The Company moved to the current address at 601 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC, Canada in 2019.

As a Vancouver based Canadian company, we are proud to showcase the best taste of Canada to the world and bring these fine tastes to the dining tables overseas. Our products include Canadian wines, icewines, fruit wines, spirits, beer, maple syrup, cookies, etc.

Our Partners

Supplier partners

We work closely with top producers in Canada, such as Canadian VQA wineries, artisan distilleries, craft beer breweries, and other quality food and drinks manufacturers. We only select the most efficient, competitive and quality producers.

Government and NGO Partners

As a Canadian exporter for Canadian food and drinks, we represent many Canadian brands in the overseas markets. We work with many Canadian government and NGO partners in Canada and overseas.

Our Customers

Canadian Dragon Trading Co. is Canada’s food and drinks exporter and distributor. Our customers are across over 15 countries from distributors, hospitality business, retailers to other corporations and individual consumers.